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Net Price Calculator

We are happy you are beginning to explore how to plan and pay for your college education. The Net Price Calculator will help you plan for your educational cost at Manchester University. Please keep in mind that while we attempt to make our calculated estimates as reliable as possible, your results will only be as accurate as the information you provide. Remember this tool can only provide an estimate for you. Your official financial aid notification is the best reference for final costs and aid. 

Note: The Net Price Calculator does not take into account special programs, such as the Indiana Tuition Bridge Program and some additional Manchester scholarships. You may qualify for additional aid. For an official financial aid estimate, apply to Manchester and list us on your FAFSA (code 001820).

List Price vs Actual Price

We strive to partner with you to provide access to an affordable, excellent education. We invite you to consider the actual cost of an MU education vs. simply the "list price." You should know that, on average, a Manchester student pays only 32 percent of the advertised annual list price. That’s because of our generous amount of financial aid offered. Never dismiss a school based on its base cost. Private schools like Manchester have robust aid programs that can significantly reduce your costs. List vs. actual

List Price

First, let’s look at Manchester’s List Price—the costs we publish each year.

Tuition & Costs

 2023-2024 Tuition & Costs
 Tuition and Fees:  $37,090
 Room:  $5,852
 Board:  $5,302
 Total List Price:  $48,244
Click here to see a detailed listing of potential charges/fees at Manchester.

Explaining the listed charges:
Tuition: Tuition is the cost of your classes for the year. You can take 12-16 credit hours (typically 4-6 classes) per semester for a flat price.
Residential Facility Fee: A fixed, annual fee for all on-campus students. It covers the cost of parking, technology, custodial services, maintenance and grounds-care.
Residential Programming Fee: A fixed, annual, student-assessed fee that provides for activities in the residence halls and on campus. Student Budget Board and Student Involvement distribute the funds to campus organizations.
Room: This is the cost of your residence hall room for the year. You can live in one of six different buildings, each with different costs, amenities and personality.
Board: This is the cost of your meal plan for the year. New students start with a Haist Unlimited +25 Meal Plan. It allows you unlimited meals in Haist Commons, plus $25 Flex Dollars per semester and 5 exchanges per week. After your first year, you can reduce your meal plan

Actual Price

List price can seem scary. Now let’s talk about actual cost (this is the amount you’ll really pay). To calculate your actual cost, consider the following things:

  1. Based on academic ability, you’ll earn a scholarship from Manchester. On average, a student receives $32,572 in scholarships and grants… gift money that never has to be paid back!
    • Remember, we only accept students who've done enough in high school to earn a scholarship, and some scholarships are larger than others.
  2. We’ll evaluate your application for special scholarship eligibility.
    • Have a relative who attended Manchester? Play an instrument or sing? Involved in your church? These attributes, and others, all potentially lead to additional awards from Manchester.
  3. Filing your FAFSA opens the door to federal and state aid.
    • You might be eligible for grant opportunities just by taking this step.
    • You’ll also have access to federal student loans up to $5,500.
 Estimated Actual Cost (based on 2023-2024 Tuition & Fees)
 Total List Price:  $48,244
 Average Institutional Scholarships & Grants:  $23,454
 Average Federal & State Grants  $9,118
 Average Remaining Balance:  $15,672

It’s important to note that these are averages. You might receive less or more, depending on your academic credentials and financial circumstances. 

In addition to institutional scholarships and federal and state grants, many students are eligible for additional awards from Manchester and scholarships from external sources. Some families use federal direct loans, with low interest and deferred payments, to subsidize the remainder of the cost.


LendEDU - 2 best financial aid Indiana

LendEDU recognizes Manchester as one of the “Best Colleges for Financial Aid,” ranking us #2 in Indiana and #13 nationally.


Affordable Schools ranks Manchester as one of the top 30 most affordable universities in the U.S. for a pre-med degree.

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