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VIA: Before You Burn Us at the Stake: Misconceptions of Paganism

  • Dates: 30 – 30 Oct, 2023

Before You Burn Us at the Stake: Misconceptions of Paganism

11 a.m. Monday, Oct. 30, Cordier Auditorium
For many, the word “paganism” provokes suspicion and fear. Contemporary paganism remains among the most misunderstood and misrepresented religious traditions today. The presenters want this VIA to clarify the ways in which paganism has been discriminated against as well as the demonization that comes with the modern civilities’ identification of the religion. Justin Lasser, associate professor of religion and faculty advisor to the Pagans of Manchester studying group, alongside students Ashlynn Rogers (president) and Kennedy Wills (vice president), will discuss matters that deal with misconceptions that surround this religion. A Q&A session allows attendees to ask questions about paganism and how it affects our lives. 

Primary organizers: Pagans of Manchester

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